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Japan | 2008 | 紀錄Doc | 135min

10/16 (日) 18:00 想田和弘

10/22 (六) 15:40

2008  柏林影展最佳紀錄片入圍
2008  韓國釜山影展最佳紀錄片
2008  杜拜影展最佳紀錄片
2009  香港國際電影節優秀紀錄片人道獎

本片紀錄一所位於日本岡山的精神科診所中,由患者、醫生、員工、志工與家庭看護交織而成的複雜世界。這些來到診所尋求醫師協助的人們,各有不同的精 神困擾,像是人格分裂症、躁鬱症、飲食失調、恐慌症和人格障礙,他們遍布各年齡層與性別,來自不同的背景,對於自己的病症也有著不同的態度。

影片以不同的場景描述精神疾患的各個面向與問題:接受醫生諮商與治療的病人、護士教育、人滿為患的候診室、為了維持醫療服務而與公家機關談判的員 工、幫助患者就業自立的活動、家庭看護的協助等等…同時也描繪出這些病患面對日常生活的坦率面孔,以及他們的哲學、痛苦、焦慮與喜悅。

MENTAL is a documentary that observes the complex world of an outpatient mental health clinic Chorale Okayama in Japan, interwoven with patients, doctors, staff, volunteers, and home-helpers.

People with various mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, panic disorder, and personality disorder visit Chorale Okayama to see Dr. Masatomo Yamamoto. They are men and women of all ages, with diverse backgrounds and various attitudes to their own illnesses.

(Read the full synopsis:http://www.laboratoryx.us/mental/synopsis.html)

導演的話 Director’s Statement




In my previous documentary film CAMPAIGN, there is a scene where  volunteers gossip about a 『psychotic woman』 standing right outside the  election campaign headquarters in Kawasaki, Japan.

『See that woman standing across the street? She’s psychotic. When she  was still sane, she had long hair and big tits. She called herself  the Marilyn Monroe of Kawasaki,』 they say.
As seen in this conversation, 『psychotic people』 are often the subject of  curiosity, excitement, and ridicule, among healthy people. They are  not considered to be fellow human beings but some kind of creatures  from another world who occasionally appear in front of us. There  seems to be a transparent curtain that divides healthy and mentally  ill people. Most healthy people see the world of mental illness as  irrelevant to their lives.

(Read the full article:http://www.laboratoryx.us/mental/statement.html

評論 Press


-導演 河瀨直美


-精神科醫師 Shuhei Oyama


-捷克導演 Vojtech Jasny (《我的父老鄉親 All My Good Countrymen》)


-影集《銀河飛龍》編劇 David B. Carren

This observational film by Soda really questions the conventional boundary that separates the mentally ill and healthy people.
-Naomi Kawase, Film Director

Watching MENTAL, I smiled every 5 minutes, and cried 3 times. Without a doubt, it is a masterpiece. It is meant for people who can’t help revering the human soul that is formless and mysterious.
-Dr. Shuhei Oyama, Psychiatrist

It is the unique film in the whole world of this quality and power, with courage and humanity to cross the border. These mental patients are talented people. They have human dignity. They have human soul. Body can be damaged but soul can never be damaged. And Soda understands this very well. It is a fascinating film with amazing quality.
-Vojtech Jasny, Film Director (ALL MY GOOD COUNTRY MEN)

Great work. Marvelous movie. But an agony to watch. It was one of the most heartbreaking things I’ve ever seen. I wanted to cry. And I did.
– David B. Carren, Writer of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION

(Read more:http://www.laboratoryx.us/mental/press.html

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