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臺灣國際民族誌影展是臺灣第一個民族誌影展,也是亞洲的創舉。長久以來,在各國舉辦的國際民族誌影展扮演著向民眾推介優良民族誌影片的重要角色,具有強大的 社會教育功能。我們希望透過兩年一度的臺灣國際民族誌影展,藉由影像、聲音等媒介的傳達,對文化作出深入的詮釋,進而觸發文化間的溝通,並激發本土文化的省思。

第六屆臺灣國際民族誌影展將於2011年10月7日至10月11日在臺北市舉行。本屆影展由臺灣民族誌影像學會主辦,中央研究院民族學研究所博物館等單位協辦,主題訂為「試煉與重生」。 人類的生活中充滿各式各樣的試煉與挑戰,舉凡政治、經濟、宗教、環境等生活層面,人類不斷地與之產生互動,形塑了當今多樣且複雜的社會與文化面貌。近年來 在這個全球化時代下,世界各地資訊與人們交流狀態的迅速流動、環境的劇烈變化、心靈世界的禁錮等,在在讓我們見到不同區域與不同文化下的人類如何面對這一 連串試煉下的日常生活與變化。透過民族誌影片的生動展演,跨文化地引介關於人與人、人與自然、人與超自然之間的種種試煉,與如何在這些試煉中展現重生力量 的社會與文化現象。
一、 第六屆臺灣國際民族誌影展由臺灣民族誌影像學會主辦,中央研究院民族學研究所博物館等單位協辦。
二、 報名須知:臺灣國際民族誌影展接受影片及錄影帶等媒材之創作(35釐米影片、16釐米影片、Betacam錄影帶、DV錄影帶)。
1. 報名者必須提供下列資料:
請寄送一份參選影片之DVD (全區)。(此DVD將由臺灣民族誌影像學會及中央研究院民族學研究所博物館保存,僅供非商業性研究參考之
2. 寄送地址:
電話:+886 2 26523453 傳真:+886 2 27855836
Website: www.tieff.sinica.edu.tw

請完整填寫線上報名表。(5月31日前,www.tieff.sinica.edu.tw) 寄送DVD至臺灣民族誌影像學會時,請附上以下資料:(請確認相關

3. 報名截止日期:


4. 入選作品將於7月底前公布。

5. 入選作品之放映規格為35釐米或Betacam(NTSC 系統)。

6. 臺灣國際民族誌影展將支付入選作品之運費。

7. 臺灣國際民族誌影展有權使用入選作品之片段(最多4分鐘)做為媒體宣傳之用。

Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival 2011 Suffering and rebirth

Calling All Filmmakers!

2011 Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival

Festival dates: October 7-11, 2011

Entry submission deadline: May 31, 2011

TIEFF is organized by the Taiwan Association of Visual Ethnography, a non-profit organization dedicated to greater public awareness of documentary and ethnographic films, and co-organized by the Institute of Ethnology at Academia Sinica, Taiwan.

TIEFF is more than just a venue for screening films and videos; it is also a forum for education, discussion, and exchange. TIEFF considers every film selected to be equally valuable; therefore, there is no competition section in the event.

The theme of TIEFF’s 6th biennial is “Suffering and Rebirth.” In creating this theme, the festival seeks stories from around the world exploring the conditions of human suffering, as well as the healing practices which allow for people and cultures to heal and be reborn. Possible topics for candidate films might include, but are not limited to: environmental issues and recovery practices, mental/emotional/physical suffering and healing, the social chaos of war and violence and the restoration of peace.

We’re looking to screen films in the following categories:

A) Central Theme:

Ethnographic films, produced at any time, relating to the theme of “Suffering and Rebirth” as defined above.

B) New Vision:

Ethnographic films on any subject, completed within the last two years: 2009-2011.Please send us entries now, or recommend films you feel should be in the festival.Entry form, regulations, and festival info at http://www.tieff.sinica.edu.tw

Inquiry – Please contact Susan HUANG at tieff@gate.sinica.edu.tw

HU, Tai-Li Tsai, Futuru C.L.

Festival President Festival Director

2011 Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival

Room 2610, Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica,

Nankang, Taipei 115, TAIWAN

Tel: +886 2 26523453

Fax: +886 2 26523457(to Room2610)

E-mail: tieff@gate.sinica.edu.tw

URL: http://www.tieff.sinica.edu.tw

Regulations for entry

I. The films selected for the festival will be preserved in the Institute of

Ethnology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, joint organizer of TIEFF.

II. Entry Submission:

1. The festival is open to films made in 35mm, 16mm, Betacam, or DV format.

2. Entrants are asked to submit the following material:

‧ Completed online entry form. (Submission deadline: 31 May 2011.)

‧ Send a preview copy of the film in DVD (region free only) format to

the address below. (These preview tapes will remain in the possession

of TIEFF for non-commercial and academic use only, please ensure

that preview DVD arrive by 10 June.)

3. In addition to the preview copy, please also send along the following

required items:

‧ Press kit (English or Chinese).

‧ At least two still photographs from the production to be included in the

festival catalogue and for promotional purposes. (These photos will

remain in the possession of TIEFF.)

4. Mailing address for entry:

Taiwan Association of Visual Ethnography

Room 2610, Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica

Nankang, Taipei 115, Taiwan

Tel: +886 2 26523453 Fax:+886 2 26523457(to Room2610)


Website: www.tieff.sinica.edu.tw

III. Deadline for entry is 31 May, 2011.

(Please ensure that preview DVDs arrive by 10 June)

IV. Notification of selection will be given by 31 July 2011.

V. Screening format of TIEFF is either in 35mm or Betacam (NTSC).

VI. TIEFF will pay all shipping costs for the selected films.

VII. Once a film is selected, the holder of its copyrights automatically authorizes

TIEFF to promote the production on public television in short trailers up to 4

minutes in length.